Why Montessori at Sylvan Abbey…

Christ Centered Approach
Our preschool teachers and staff all have a strong Christian foundation and walk daily with the Lord.

We will not only be teaching the Montessori method, academic foundation, but also our goal is to allow children to grow in maturity, as they grow in years. They will be taught to think and make decsions toward responsible outcomes with a Christian emphasis. Parents can expect to enjoy and embrace each step of their child’s journey.

Montessori Influence
Our curriculum is formulated around the proven methods of Maria Montessori which foster creativity, curiosity, inquiry and functionality. The curriculum and philosophy of our school coincide with the demands and challenges of the mainstream educational system.

Caring and Wellrounded Teachers and Staff
Our goal is to provide our students with a Biblical worldview in a nurturing and safe environment. Our teachers and staff will treat our students as members of their own families. They will love and care for them so they will thrive not only

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